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Common Queries

  • What sizes do you offer?
    From a 4 inch newborn shoe to a men's size 14
  • Can I pick up locally?
    Yes! Let us know if you want to pick up locally on Vancouver Island and it can be arranged, and you can check out our Facebook page for a local pick-up promo code!
  • What materials do you use?
    Our wool is sourced from Canada's oldest wool mill for our booties, as well as locally bought sheepskin sourced from Alberta. We pride ourselves on supporting local companies for our products so when you buy from us you're supporting multiple local small businesses.
  • Do the boots stretch?
    Yes, the elasticity of wool is one of its key benefits, especially for growing feet. However, if after a while they feel too loose, a good wash can bring them back to shape.
  • What's the best way to put them on for the first time?
    Put your child's toes in as far as you can and then pull the heel gently, but firmly up. If it doesn't work, give it a stretch as mentioned earlier and you'll be delightfully surprised how easily they go on.
  • How do I wash my wool boots?
    Simply drop them in a washing machine on a short gentle cycle in warm water using mid soap. Make sure to put them in with other similar coloured items like towels (nothing with a zipper or velcro), to avoid too much agitation and abrasion from the machine. DO NOT machine dry. Best to let them air dry in the shade.
  • What if my slippers feel a little tight?
    When the slippers are first made, they are stitched tightly because of the natural elasticity of the wool, we want to account for that. If you feel like they are a bit tight to get on, but at the correct size when placed against your child's foot, put both hands inside the ankle evenly pull like you are opening a bag of chips to stretch out the ankle. We don't stretch them prior to your purchase to account for small framed bodies and people purchasing a size bigger to have them fit longer.
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