Women's Slip-on

Women's Slip-on

A lighter version of our classics! 

Perfect for warmer days and for those with mobility issues that make full slippers hard to get on.

Made with the same 100% wool and Canadian Sheepskin and leather as our clasics. The thermostatic properties of 100% natural wool and sheepkin means that your feet will be keot cool in the summer and warm in the winter - built in climate control!


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    100% Wool and Sheepskin insole makes for an unbelievably warm and cozy slipper for your feet! Added Leather soles make for a durable product for years to come.


    All components are sourced within Canada from small family businesses.


    We strive to help all customers be 100% satisfied with their purchase. Sometimes, due to the differences between feet a shoe might not be the perfect fit! In which case, we will remake the shoe until you're satisfied.

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